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Magic In Her Eyes is getting a lot of 5 star reviews on Good Reads and Amazon. I'm so excited by the reception. Check them out when you get a chance.

I'm currently working on the second book in "THE GIFTED" series. This is Moira Devlin's story. She is a healer and was introduced at the end of book one. I hope to have Magic In Her Touch released by mid 2018. Here's a little teaser:

He cocked his head, studying her with a steadfast gaze. “You’re that healer from the orphanage. The one who took over for Doc Troutman.”

Here it comes. The colorful epithets. The rejection. She forced a nod. “I am.”

“Hank told me about you. Said your tonic cured his cough. And Fuller said you fixed his boy’s broken arm as good as new.”

“I did.”

“Well I reckon that’s good enough for me.”

Relief swamped her. She would take good enough any day.

Footfalls thumped the ground and then Claude Gunderson and Private Greene rounded the stack of lumber. The lanky soldier pulled up, his eyes going wide as wagon wheels.

“Glory be. I coulda swore Mr. Pardue was on death’s door. Miss Devlin, you must be an angel.”



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Magic in Her Eyes -- Donna Dalton


The official release date for e-book and print formats is June 23, 2017. You can pre-order the Kindle version on Amazon here

Historical romance with paranormal elements
Release Date to be announced

Meredith Talbot has a secret. In fact, she has nine secrets – her own and those of the eight orphans at Seaton House, a home for children. Each of them has a special talent that if exposed would get them labeled as witches. It is her responsibility to protect the children and their secrets and keep them safe from persecution.
Marauding Indians force them into a nearby fort where their safety is threatened by fanatical townspeople and a captivating army officer who try to unmask the children's extraordinary abilities

Lieutenant Preston Booth has one goal – to serve and protect his country. The military is the only life he has ever known. It’s the only life he wants. When a child is abducted and Preston goes after the culprit, Meredith has a vision of what will happen to him.  

Does she risk everything by exposing her gift? Or keep her secret and risk losing him forever?


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